Company culture

Enterprise core values:
Safety is the lifeline
Chairman: Lin Xianbao

Enterprise strategic objectives:
Create long-term business
President: Xie An

Enterprise development concept:
Hard work to develop
Chairman: Lin Xianbao

Corporate culture:
Do simple things every day, do it well and do it vividly
President: Xie An

Enterprise service values:
To zero defect services, and create common values
Vice President / General Manager: Hu Guangze

Quotations from the Chairman:
Joint-hing, Hopewell Wang, the Quartet Yingcai, all the long home of a high starting point, high-quality services to customers inside and outside the province and enterprises to make unremitting efforts to return the love of the community.
Chairman: Lin Xianbao

President's instructions:
Adhere to timely, adhere to adapt, adhere to the moderate, building a home is a barracks Dashun Logistics
President: Xie An